Flight of the Penguins (2013)

Flight of the Penguins (2013)

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Track List:

  1. Operator (Composer: William Spivery, Arranger: Ishiguri '10, Solo: Young)

  2. Too Darn Hot (Composer: Porter, Lyricist: Porter, Arranger: Prestley '77, Solo: Henke)

  3. Midnight Train to Georgia (Composer: Weatherly, Lyricist: Weatherly, Arranger: Pritchard '86, Solo: Travis)

  4. Crazy (Composer: Willie Nelson, Lyricist: Willie Nelson, Popularized By: Patsy Cline, Arranger: Berry '13, Solo: Berry , Berry)

  5. Got to Get You Into My Life (Composer: John Lennon & Paul McCartney, Popularized By: The Beatles, Earth Wind & Fire, Arranger: Wexler '11, Solo: Gottfried)

  6. Rainbow Connection (Composer: Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher, Arranger: Ishiguri '10, Solo: Levin)

  7. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Composer: Elton John, Lyricist: Bernie Taupin, Popularized By: Elton John, Arranger: Goldsmith '14, Solo: Hayse)

  8. I Only Have Eyes for You (Composer: Harry Warren, Lyricist: Al Dubin, Popularized By: Ben Selvin, The Flamingos, Art Garfunkel, Arranger: Wexler '11, Solo: Reardon)

  9. Nature Boy (Composer: Eden Ahbez, Arranger: Ishiguri '10, Solo: De Freitas)

  10. New Hymn (Composer: Taylor, Reynolds, Lyricist: Taylor, Reynolds, Arranger: Dodes '95, Solo: Hendler)

  11. Me and Mrs. Jones (Composer: Gamble, Huff, & Gilbert, Popularized By: Billy Paul, Michael Buble, Arranger: Protacio '13, Solo: Protacio)

  12. Down By the Salley Gardens (Composer: Traditional, Lyricist: V. 1, 3 W.B. Yeats, Verse 2 N.C. Hughes (Morse '84), Arranger: Kelley '86, Solo: Klavan)

  13. Is There Anyone Out There? (Composer: Eric Hojes, Lyricist: Eric & Ian Hojes, Popularized By: Delta Rae, Arranger: Wexler '11, Solo: Nield)

  14. Killing Me Softly (Composer: Charles Fox, Lyricist: Norman Gimbel, Popularized By: Roberta Flack, Fugees, Arranger: Goldsmith '14, Solo: Caron)

  15. The Whiffenpoof Song (Composer: Tod B. Galloway, Lyricist: Meade Minnegrode '10, George S. Pomeroy '10, Solos: Hayse , Reardon)