Century (2009)

Century (2009)

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Song List:

  1. Aj Lucka Lucka (Composer: Traditional, Lyricist: Traditional, Arranger: Bartholomew '07S)

  2. September Song (Composer: Weill, Lyricist: Anderson, Arranger: Heath '50)

  3. Minnie the Mermaid (Composer: Desylva, Lyricist: Desylva, Solo: Stegmaier)

  4. Little Pony (Composer: Hefti, Hendricks, Lyricist: Hefti, Hendricks, Arranger: Rosenblum '75, Solo: Watts)

  5. Down By the Salley Gardens (Composer: Traditional, Lyricist: V. 1, 3 W.B. Yeats, Verse 2 N.C. Hughes (Morse '84), Arranger: Kelley '86, Solo: Earp)

  6. I Cover the Waterfront (Composer: Green, Lyricist: Heyman, Arranger: Knutsen '87, Solo: Warlick)

  7. The Girl From Ipanema (Composer: Jobim, Lyricist: Gimbel, Arranger: Murabayashi '94, Solo: Kempner)

  8. I'll Be Seeing You (Composer: Fain, Lyricist: Kahal)

  9. Soon It's Gonna Rain (Composer: Harvey Schmidt, Lyricist: Tom Jones, Popularized By: The Fantastics (Solo: Isenberg

  10. Everything (Composer: Michael Buble, Popularized By: Michael Buble, Arranger: Breves '09, Obbink '09, Solo: Obbink

  11. New Hymn (Composer: Taylor, Reynolds, Lyricist: Taylor, Reynolds, Arranger: Dodes '95, Solo: Breves

  12. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Composer: Arlen, Lyricist: Koehler, Arranger: Blau '97, Solo: Mummert

  13. Something Like the Blues (Composer: Jeffries, Lyricist: Jeffries, Arranger: Jeffries '87, Solo: Prokopetz)

  14. Have You Met Miss Jones? (Composer: Rodgers, Lyricist: Hart, Arranger: Stewart '62)

  15. Midnight Train to Georgia (Composer: Weatherly, Lyricist: Weatherly, Arranger: Pritchard '86, Solo: Frisby)

  16. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Composer: Sherwin, Lyricist: Maschwitz, Arranger: Heath '50, Solo: Kim)

  17. We're Saving Ourselves For Yale (Composer: Lippincott, Lyricist: Lippincott, Arranger: Wolff '50, Solo: Westphal) 

  18. The Whiffenpoof Song (Composer: Tod B. Galloway, Lyricist: Meade Minnegrode '10, George S. Pomeroy '10)

  19. Silver Dollar (Composer: Palmer, Van Ness, Lyricist: Palmer, Van Ness, Baritone: Mummert, Tenor 2: Pattison, Tenor 1: Watts, Bass: Westphal)