Subtly Different (2004)

Subtly Different (2004)

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Track List:

  1. Aj Lucka Lucka (Composer: Traditional, Lyricist: Traditional, Arranger: Bartholomew '07S)

  2. Little Pony (Composer: Hefti, Hendricks, Lyricist: Hefti, Hendricks, Arranger: Rosenblum '75, Solo: Powers)

  3. Something Like the Blues (Composer: Jeffries, Lyricist: Jeffries, Arranger: Jeffries '87, Solo: Morello)

  4. Waiting in Vain (Arranger: Kim '04, Solo: Kim)

  5. Eli's Comin' (Composer: Nyro, Lyricist: Nyro, Arranger: Harwood '70)

  6. New Hymn (Composer: Taylor, Reynolds, Lyricist: Taylor, Reynolds, Arranger: Dodes '95, Solo: Elliott)

  7. On Broadway (Composer: Leiber, Mann, Lyricist: Stoller, Weil, Arranger: Rosenblum '75, Solo: Baum)

  8. Bye Bye Blackbird (Composer: Henderson, Lyricist: Dixon, Arranger: Murabayashi '94, Duet: Dawson ;, Solo: Horowitz)

  9. 14th Street (Composer: Rufus Wainwright, Lyricist: Rufus Wainwright, Arranger: Dawson '04, Freeman '04)

  10. Time After Time (Composer: Birge, Lyricist: Weber '69, Arranger: Birge '68)

  11. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Composer: Wolf, Lyricist: Landesman, Arranger: Lewis '01)

  12. Have a Little Faith in Me (Composer: John Hiatt, Popularized By: Joe Cocker, Arranger: Kim '04, Solo: Rodriguez)

  13. My Cutie's Due (Composer: Bibo, Robin, Von Tilzer, Lyricist: Bibo, Robin, Von Tilzer, Arranger: Hemingway '42)

  14. Midnight Train to Georgia (Composer: Weatherly, Lyricist: Weatherly, Arranger: Pritchard '86)

  15. Down By the Salley Gardens (Composer: Traditional, Lyricist: V. 1, 3 W.B. Yeats, Verse 2 N.C. Hughes (Morse '84), Arranger: Kelley '86)

  16. Mad World (Composer: Roland Orzabal, Lyricist: Roland Orzabal, Popularized By: Gary Jules, Arranger: Kim '04, Solo: Stromquist)

  17. Cottontail (Arranger: Dawson '04, Solo: Dawson)

  18. Too Darn Hot (Composer: Porter, Lyricist: Porter, Arranger: Prestley '77)

  19. I'll Be Seeing You (Composer: Fain, Lyricist: Kahal)

  20. The Whiffenpoof Song (Composer: Tod B. Galloway)