On the Bumpy Road (2017)

On the Bumpy Road (2017)

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Musical Director/Album Director: Solon Snider
Business Manager: Seth McNay
Tracking: Alex Green and Alexander Koutzoukis (Plaid Productions)
Editing: Alex Green (Plaid Productions) and Ted Trembinski
Mixing: Ed Boyer
Mastering: Dave Sperandio (Vocal Mastering)
Arrangements: Hayden Kline ('17), Trey Pernell ('17), Solon Snider ('17), Michael Tappel ('17), Jeremy Lloyd ('12), Keiji Ishiguri ('10), John Kelley ('86), and Fenno Heath ('49)
Album Artwork and CD Design: Griffin Keller
Album Art and Title Management: Trey Pernell
Music Committee: Hayden Kline, Benson May, Trey Pernell, Solon Snider, and Michael Tappel

Recorded at the Lumry-Wengard Sound Studio (Silliman College, Yale) and Ed Boyer's Home Studio
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, U.S.A

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The Whiffenpoofs of 2017 are thrilled to present "On the Bumpy Road."

Founded in 1909, The Yale Whiffenpoofs have dazzled audiences around the world for generations. With 108 years of history before them, this year's group is thrilled to debut 7 arrangements and 2 original songs with this album, while reviving forgotten classics of the repertoire and maintaining the tradition of some of the group's most treasured arrangements. The music of "On the Bumpy Road" spans many genres, ranging from jazz to pop to musical theatre, featuring classics such as "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" alongside brand new music, including two original compositions by members of The Whiffs of 2017: "I'm Ready Now" (Solon Snider) and "What Did I Say?" (Trey Pernell). In "On the Bumpy Road," The Whiffs maintain the group's classic sound while pushing its repertoire in bold new directions. Enjoy!

Track List:

  1. Fired (Solo: Hayden Kline ‘17 / Popularized By: Ben Folds / Arranger: Kline)

  2. Nature Boy (Solo: Luke Stringer ‘17 / Popularized by: Nat “King” Cole / Arranger: Keiji Ishiguri '10)

  3. Confetti (Solo: Zak Kayal ‘17 / Popularized By: Tori Kelly / Arranger: Solon Snider '17)

  4. Skinny Love (Solo: Benson May ‘17 / Popularized By: Bon Iver / Arranger: Jeremy Lloyd '12)

  5. Streetcorner Symphony (Solo: Max Sauberman ‘17 / Popularized By: Rob Thomas / Arranger: Michael Tappel '17)

  6. All the Things You Are (Solo: Michael Tappel ‘17 / Popularized by the musical Warm for May / Arranger: Fenno Heath '50)

  7. I'm Ready Now (Solo: Solon Snider ‘17 / Popularized by: The Yale Whiffenpoofs / Arranger: Snider)

  8. They Can't Take That Away From Me (Popularized by: Fred Astaire / Arranger: Fenno Heath '50)

  9. Vienna (Solo: Ben Paltiel ‘17 / Popularized By: Billy Joel / Arranger: Solon Snider '17)

  10. Home (Solo: Zack Johnson ‘17 / Popularized By: Stephanie Mills / Arranger: Trey Pernell '17)

  11. Down By the Salley Gardens (Solo: Wade Newville ‘17 / Traditional / Arranger: John Kelley '86)

  12. King of the World (Solo: Simon Schaitkin ‘17 / Popularized by the musical Songs for a New World / Arranger: Michael Tappel '17)

  13. What Did I Say? (Solo: Trey Pernell ‘17 / Popularized By: The Yale Whiffenpoofs / Arranger: Pernell)

  14. If I Can Dream (Solo: Seth McNay ‘17 / Popularized By: Elvis Presley / Arranger: Hayden Kline '17)

  15. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Solo: Mack Ramsden ‘17 / Popularized by: Glenn Miller / Arranger: Fenno Heath '50)

  16. The Whiffenpoof Song (Popularized by: The Yale Whiffenpoofs / Arranger: Meade Minnegrode '10, George S. Pomeroy '10, Tod B. Galloway)