Up in the Air (2018)

Up in the Air (2018)

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Musical Director and Producer: Kenyon Duncan
Business Manager: Ian Billinge
Recording Engineers: Ed Boyer, Kenyon Duncan, Avi Durling
Editing: Ted Trembinski
Mixing: Ed Boyer
Mastering: Bill Hare
Album Artwork and CD Design: Griffin Keller
Assistant Musical Producers: John Kauffman, Nicholas Biniaz-Harris, Zach Page
Album Coordinator: Noah Strausser
Recorded at the home of Ed Boyer, Lumry-Wengerd Sound Studio (Silliman College, Yale), and the Crescent Underground Recording Studio (Morse College, Yale).
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, USA.

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The Yale Whiffenpoofs, founded in 1909 at a tavern in New Haven, has grown from a collegiate singing ensemble into a globe-trotting entertainment force, captivating audiences of all ages. Now in our 109th year, we –– the Class of 2018 –– are proud to present Up in the Air. It’s both a culmination of our time as stewards of a rich tradition and a snapshot of our experience sharing this music with a world that is markedly different from what it was a century ago.

Our year was spontaneous, ambiguous, and at times unmoored. These 8 new arrangements and 8 revived classics, spanning genre and decade, reflect our experience and reanimate the group’s established sound. With this album, we take a definitive step toward the future, embracing uncertainty as delightful and the unknown as an adventure. Join us Up in the Air.

-The Whiffenpoofs of 2018

Track List:

  1. River Lea (Solo: Aaron McAleavey ‘18 / Popularized by: Adele / Arranger: Kenyon Duncan ‘18)

  2. House of the Rising Sun (Solo: Eli Daiute ‘18 / Popularized by: The Animals / Arranger: Keiji Ishiguri ‘10)

  3. Holding On (Solo: Kwasi Enin '18 / Popularized by: Gregory Porter / Arranger: Kenyon Duncan ‘18)

  4. The Old Shade Tree (Solo: Noah Strausser ‘18 / Popularized by: Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau / Arranger: Zach Page ‘18)

  5. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Solo: Daniel Keller ‘18 / Popularized by: Elvis Presley / Arranger: Keiji Ishiguri ‘10)

  6. Lush Life (Solo: Zach Page ‘18 / Popularized by: Billy Strayhorn, Kay Davis, and the Duke Ellington Orchestra / Arranger: Zach Page ‘18)

  7. When Sunny Gets Blue (Solo: Ian Billinge ‘18 / Popularized by: Johnny Mathis with Ray Conniff and his Orchestra / Arranger: Lewis Girdler ‘61)

  8. Nature Boy (Solo: David Torres ‘18 / Popularized by: Nat King Cole / Arranger: Keiji Ishiguri ‘10)

  9. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Solo: Nicholas Biniaz-Harris ‘18 / Popularized by: Chicago / Arranger: John Kauffman ‘18)

  10. Rainbow Connection (Solo: Donovan Sabog ‘18 / Popularized by: Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson) / Arranger: Keiji Ishiguri ‘10)

  11. All the Things You Are (Solo: Avi Durling ‘18 / Popularized by the musical Very Warm for May / Arranger: Fenno Heath ‘50)

  12. All in Love is Fair (Solo: John Kauffman ‘18 / Popularized by: Stevie Wonder / Arranger: Ben Wexler ‘11)

  13. Fall In (Solo: Kenyon Duncan ‘18 / Popularized by: Esperanza Spalding / Arranger: Kenyon Duncan ‘18)

  14. Stop This Train (Solo: Caleb O’Reilly ‘18 / Popularized by: John Mayer / Arranger: Kenyon Duncan ‘18)

  15. Anything Goes (Popularized by the musical Anything Goes / Arranger: Kenyon Duncan ‘18)

  16. The Whiffenpoof Song (Popularized by: The Yale Whiffenpoofs / Arranger: Meade Minnegrode '10, George Pomeroy '10, Tod B. Galloway)

The Whiffenpoofs of 2018 would like to extend a special thanks to Griffin Keller, Jerome Walker, Solon Snider, Kate Crane, Mark Eggerman, Silliman & Morse Colleges, The Boyer Family, The Whiffenpoofs of 2019, Sun Valley Sue, Apple Maps, Kangen Water, Bob Hope, and Brenda & Donna for their sustained support through the production of this album.